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The Hospital was founded in 1982 to be the first hospital in AKKAR-North Lebanon.

It was established  during a difficult period  time for Lebanon by  Doctor Riad RAHAL  in order to provide help and healthcare for 500.000 habitants of AKKAR region,while no other medical care was available.The Hospital opened work and career possibilities to a large number  of people promoting region’s development  and prosperity  .

Rahal-Akkar Hospital became the heart  of  region’s economy ,medicine and public services and plays  a main role in the development of other medical fields . It provides work to 300 employees including doctors, nurses, administrative  staff, pharmaceutical providers  and other facilities workers.

It is  still one of the largest medical centers  in AKKAR , providing facility of 100 beds , acute care general medical /surgical hospital services offering high quality standard healthcare that will meet the needs and expectations of people of AKKAR.

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