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Only physicians with admitting privileges are allowed to admit a patient to Hopital Akkar-Rahal. If your doctor is not a member of the Hopital Akkar-Rahal active medical staff, he/she may be able to refer you to one of his/her colleagues who is.

Once it is decided that you need hospitalization, your doctor will complete an admission form for you to take to the Admitting Office (main floor) to process the admission.

In the event of an unexpected extension of the stay of another patient, which occurs on some occasions, admissions are sometimes delayed. If you are requested to delay your entry into the Medical Center, we ask for your understanding of these medical priorities.

For all admissions, the below documents shall be secured:

  • Personal ID card
  • Admission form completed by the admitting physician

In addition to the above, patients who are not self-payers are also requested to bring the below documents with them:

  • Identification card from the third party payer
  • Authorization form from the third party payer to confirm the financial coverage
Emergency Admission

The Emergency Unit is ready to take care of patients without delay. Doctors and the nursing staff are present all day and night. When a patient arrives at the Emergency Unit, he/she is medically assessed and treated accordingly. If admission to the Medical Center is needed, the patient’s relatives are referred to the Admitting Office with an admission form completed by the admitting physician in order to compete the admission procedure.

If you are not covered by any hospitalization insurance, or if you have a policy that partially pays the cost of your hospitalization, the admitting clerk may ask you to pay up to the estimated cost of your hospitalization at the Cashier’s Office.

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