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Word from the Director

I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to the Akkar Rahal Hospital website.  We hope to highlight you of our services given that we offer the best medical services at a very affordable rate.

We maintain our vision to become the leading Medical center in the region and to provide healthcare services to its patients with the highest levels of safety and professionalism. Despite ongoing difficult times in this country that have affected us all, both at the patient and organizational level, we must continue to focus on our core purpose and mission – a focus on our patients and a focus on our people. We must be the best place to work, and the best home for investment as we seek to develop innovative solutions to address the major unmet needs of patients through our research and innovative approaches to multi-disciplinary care delivery.

Our achievements are vibrant examples of what can be accomplished when a diverse and dedicated team pursues a common goal of transforming health and healing. I applaud the remarkable and collaborative work of all of the members of  Akkar Rahal Hospital.

Dr Riad Rahal