(+961) 06 69 0000 How can we help you?

Emergency department (ED)

On behalf of our staff , We would like to welcome you to Hopital Akkar-Rahal Emergency Department.

Our emergency department  specializes in acute care of patients who present without prior appointment ,either by they means or by ambulance.Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance  , the department provides initial treatment for  a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries,some of which maybe life-threatening and require immediate attention.Our emergency department operates 24H/24H.

If you are a patient awaiting emergency help, learn more here about emergency department procedure.


Medical services:

  •        treatment of diabetic coma
  •        serious infections
  •        stroke management
  •        management of acute myocardial infarction
  •        asthma and respiratory distress
  •       gastric lavage
  •       urgent dialysis
  •       hematological emergencies
  •       gastrointestinal bleeding

Surgical services:

  • abscess and hematoma drainage
  • treatment of post-operative complications
  • trauma, fractures,  joint injuries, moto véhicule accidents, falls, knife and gun wounds, animal bites
  • insertion of Foley catheter, nasogastric tube, abdominal catheter
  • handling of intracranial bleeding
  • obstetrics and gynecology

In collaboration with other departments we also provide:

  • full clinical laboratory services
  • non-invasive ventilation
  • arrhythmia monitors and treatment
  • CT scan available 24 hours a day
  •  Initiation of thrombolytic therapy for myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism and stroke

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