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Dr.Riad Rahal Chirurgie Generale

Dr.Jihad Awad Chirurgie Generale

Dr Elie Dib Chirurgie Generale

Dr Michel Taoum Chirurgie Generale

Dr George Nicolas Neurochirurgie

Dr Joseph Sokkar Neurochirurgie

Dr Karim Abi Hachem Gynecologie/Obstétrique

Dr Michel Hawli Chirurgie Thoracique/Pneumonologie 

Dr AdelGhani Zohbi Cardiologie

Dr Yaacoub Taoum Cardiologie

Dr Moustapha Hamed Neurologie

Dr Haitham Taleb Neurologie

Dr Bassam Mourad Traumatologie/Orthopédie

Dr Mohammad Hmouda Traumatologie/Orthopedie

Dr Fadi Mansour Traumatologie /Orthopedie

Dr Hssein Merhi Oto-rhino-laryngologie

Dr Ghais Makhoul Néonatologie

Dr Claude Iskandar Néonatologie 

Dr Samir Bourhan Endocrinologie

Dr Ahmad Mstapha Endocrinologie

Dr Saadallah Hawli Pediatrie

Dr Youssef Nasrrallah Pediatrie

Dr Issa Ibrahim Pediatrie

Dr Samuel Jawhar Nephrologie/Hémodialyse

Dr Ayman Awad Urologie

Dr Marwan Al Zohbi Urologie

Dr Houssam Chahar Urologie

Dr Joseph Makdesi Hematologie

Dr Mazen Samaan Anesthesie/Reanimation

Dr Hanna Joukhadar Anesthesie/Reanimation

Dr Hicham Mahfoud Anesthesie/Reanimation

Dr Moussa Aboud Anesthesie/Reanimation

Dr Walid Ghemrawi Radiologie

Dr Moustapha Ismail Radiologie

Dr Paul Dib Ophtalmologie

Dr Moussa Hanna Ophtalmologie

Dr Mouhamad Khalife Gastroenterologie

Dr Ziad Jakel Gastroenterologie

Dr Walid Saad Gastroenterologie

Dr Mouhamad Abdallah Laboratoire de Microbiologie/Biochimie 


  khaled saad wrote @

Good morning,
please I would like to make an appointment with Dr AdelGhani Zohbi today if applicable or tommorow.
please reply as soon as possible on my provided Email address

thank you

  hopitalrahal wrote @

Dear Mr Khaled Saad,

Thank you for your message.
Kindly contact our information desk on 00961 06 690000 and the appointment will be delivred to you.

PS: Don’t hesitate to consult our Emergency departement ,at your service 24h/24h


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