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The Department of Pediatrics at the Hopital Akkar-Rahal provides exceptional children’s patient care and education. Our mission is to spread and promote medical knowledge appropriate to the future of the field of pediatrics through a balanced emphasis on education and health care. Our services include pediatric training, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders to enhance a child’s home and medical environment. Take a look through our subdivisions:

– Cardiology: Your child’s heart health is at the center of everything that we do. We are here to meet all of your needs for the care of a child with any type of cardiac condition.

-Critical Care: The Pediatric Critical Care Program emphasizes the fundamentals of clinical diagnoses, patient assessment, and clinical management.

-Emergency Medicine: committed to excellence in clinical care for the children in our community.

-Endocrinology: Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment for a variety of clinical disorders including diabetes, growth disorders, pubertal development and more.

-Gastroenterology: The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology provides consultation and care for children who have digestive difficulties and who have a broad range of conditions that interfere with their ability to eat and grow normally.

-General Pediatrics: Expertise in pediatric ambulatory care, adolescent medicine, child protection, pediatric medical education, and pediatric hospital medicine.

-Infectious Diseases

-Neonatology: Care to neonates and their families

-Pulmonary Medicine: Children treated at Hopital Akkar-Rahal have access to a full complement of pulmonary care.

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