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President General Director

Dr Riad Rahal is a lebanese medical doctor and politician, best known for establishing the private medical center AKKAR-RAHAL Hospital. He is a descendant of a family of traders that travelled abroad to Venezuela to gain their fortune lately investing in hospital foundation.

Dr Riad Rahal was born in 1950 in Cheickh-Mohammed , a small village in AKKAR, Lebanon-North. He studied medicine in France and became a Surgeon in 1976. He worked in his private hospital since 1982  providing healthcare for the people of the region  with his colleagues of different specialities. Dr Rahal is the President General Director of the AKKAR-RAHAL  hospital.

He was elected Deputy of his region in the Lebanese Parliament in 2005 and reelected in 2009 being a member of Future Movement Political party leaded by HE  Cheickh  SAAD HARIRI. Dr Rahal is also:

Vice-president of the Higher Education and Culture Committee  in  the Lebanese Parliament since 2005

Member of Public Health Committee, Agriculture Committee and Technology Committee in the Lebanese Parliament since 2005

Member of the Venezuelan, Australian, Chinese  Inter-Parliamentary Friendship  with the Lebanese Government.

He is married to Dr Celina Santos, dentist originally from Colombia. They have 3 children’s: Dr Said Rahal (Radiologist), Dr Walid Rahal (Nephrologist) and Mr.Ziad Rahal specialized in business administration Healthcare management emphasis.

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